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Procedure Plate

WTTI stocks plate coupons for welding procedure qualification testing to all codes including AWS, ASME, Mil Standards, etc.  These coupons may be purchased here.

Contact us for a quote if your job requires large quantities.  For materials, and sizes not shown in our store, please contact us.

    • All material is marked with heat numbers for complete traceability.
        • All bevels are precision saw cut and coated with a weldable rust preventative.
            • Plate coupons are beveled on both ends with the rolling direction perpendicular to the joint.
                • Sizes listed conform to current codes and standards.

                  Aluminum  +

                  AWS D1.5  +

                  Carbon Steel  +

                  Chromoloy Steel  +

                  Duplex Stainless  +

                  Nickel Alloys  +

                  Stainless Steel  +