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WTTI offers both destructive and non-destructive testing services for welder and procedure qualification.


Procedure vs Welder Qualification

A procedure qualification plate or pipe is proof, by destructive testing, that a welding process, material combination, and welding technique produces a mechanically sound weld. These welded samples are typically large than welder qualification samples and also may require non-destructive testing in addition to destructive testing. Each code and standard sets its own rules for what testing is to be performed and how. These qualifications are held by the company and do not expire under most codes.

A welder qualification plate or pipe is proof, typically by non-destructive testing, that a person can make a sound weld following a procedure. These welded samples are not required to be as large as procedure qualification samples but can also be tested destructively in place of non-destructive testing. These qualifications are held by each welder and do expire if a continuity log is not maintained.


Documentation Requirements

Procedure and welder qualifications are only as good as the paperwork that backs them up. Clear, concise, and accurate qualification documents are what WTTI specializes in. With an AWS CWI on site to witness the welding of test samples sent in for testing WTTI can prepare procedure qualification records (PQRs), welding procedure specifications (WPSs), and welder qualification test records.


Testing Requirements

Qualification testing is done to welding codes or industry and company standards. The requirements, limitations, and acceptance criteria of testing is outlined in these publications. WTTI deals in a wide variety including: AWS, ASME, API, NACE, ASTM, NAVSEA, and MIL-STD.


Testing Submittal

Each testing scenario and set of requirements can be very specific to the job at hand.  Please contact us with specific details and needs prior to sending a sample in for testing.  This will help eliminate any confusion and problems in the testing and documentation phase.  In order to submit welded plate or pipe samples to our lab for testing please see the Lab Testing Form and the Witness Form to document the necessary information.  Please include these forms at the time of submittal.